AI NBA Basketball Predictions & Betting Picks

40 years ago the NBA had fallen from grace to the point that in the late 1970s the Finals were not even broadcast live. Instead, they were shown on tape delay late at night. That all started to change in the 1980s when the Larry Bird/Magic Johnson rivalry reignited interest in the league and today the NBA is considered one of the premier professional sports leagues in the world. Billions of pounds are bet on NBA games every year and it’s widely considered to be the third most bet-upon team sport after football and American football.

AI NBA Basketball Predictions from AI Sports Prediction

At AI Sports Prediction we leverage the unprecedented analytical and predictive power of AI and machine learning to produce some of the most reliable NBA predictions and picks you will find anywhere. While others shy away from technology we understand the game-changing possibilities AI represents and put it to good use helping our readers place wagers with the best chance of paying off.

Is AI Just a Gimmick?

Hardly. Until now bookmaking was a problematic process. Bookies had little information to base their predictions on. As a result, most either based their picks on gut instinct and history, or simply copied what other bookies were doing.

The major advantage of AI and machine learning - the thing that traditional bookmarkers cannot hope to compete with - is its ability to process massive amounts of data in a nanosecond. AI can spot trends that resist detection by standard research methods and formulate predictions and make picks in a way that mirrors how the human brain works. It’s like having a bookmaker with a supercomputer implanted in his brain.

A Better Place to Find Sport Predictions

No predictive model, not even one driven by AI, can predict if a player will suffer a significant injury or if a star player will inexplicably foul out of a big game. What AI and machine learning can do is eliminate as many potentially troublesome variables as possible and arrive at predictions that are free of guesswork. It’s a better kind of sports prediction and AI Sports Prediction is a better kind of predictions page.


Bookmaker’s odds are not the actual probability of a sporting outcome. Use our AI tools to properly assess the real data driven probability and make an informed betting decision.