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Betting on the ponies can trace its origins all the way back to the reign of James I some 400 years ago. Today, horse racing attracts more than £100 billion of action worldwide each year and is growing by leaps and bounds. Punters love horse racing because of the limited number of participants and the quick nature of each contest. But despite being such a seemingly simple and straightforward affair it’s always been difficult to find reliable horse racing predictions, until now. AI Sports Prediction provide a better kind of AI Horse Racing Predictions/Betting Picks than you’ll find elsewhere because we employ the unbridled power of machine learning.

AI Sports Predictions: The Power of Objectivity

Until now horse racing predictions have relied heavily on the experience of a given bookmaker and often involved more educated guesswork than actual analysis. AI and machine learning fill that analytical void by being able to process unfathomable amounts of current and historical data in the blink of an eye and then formulate predictions based only on the facts.

Our only goal is to provide punters with more reliable horse racing predictions so that they have a better chance of cashing in on their wagers. Our horse racing predictions and betting picks are the most objective you’ll find and are free of the human errors and biases that have always made traditional predictions seem frustrating and incomplete.

All that said, not even the most sophisticated AI can predict if a horse comes up lame, or if they injure themselves or the rider in the gate, or if they get boxed out by other horses and can’t make their move. So there will always be a bit of unpredictability.

AI Horse Racing Predictions & Betting Picks You Can Count On

What we do at AI Sports Prediction is eliminate as many variables as is possible so that you get the kind of clean, objective, highly-considered predictions you need to increase your odds of cashing on your ticket. But don’t just take our word for it. Compare our predictions to those on other sites. We’re confident you’ll agree our picks are a breed apart.


Bookmaker’s odds are not the actual probability of a sporting outcome. Use our AI tools to properly assess the real data driven probability and make an informed betting decision.